The overview
2015-06-08 03:49  

Zhengzhou Chenggong University of Finance and Economics was founded in 2004, with its former name Chenggong College of Henan University of Finance and Economics. It has won the approval of the Nation Education Ministry and became an independently managed, private-owned, full-time university. It covers an area of 93.38 hectares with a construction area of 300,000 square meters. Currently we have over 10,000 students at school.

The college upholds the core value of socialism and follows the law of higher education, with ethics, innovation, quality and performance as the college philosophy and love for the country and college, serenity, diligence, courtliness and neatness as the college spirit. Located in Zhengzhou, the college with priority to undergraduate programs, has exerted much influence both provincially and nationwide. Emphasizing on such disciplines as management, humanities and social science, the college features coordinated development in disciplines of finance and management. The college, as one of the best private college for undergraduates in Henan province, has focused on cultivating advanced practical talents to serve for the social and economic development in the region.

Since its foundation, Chenggong College has adhered to managing with system and focused on connotative development. And it has successively won several provincial honors as Top Ten Featured School of the Chinese Private Education, Advanced Unit of the Private Education in Henan, Advanced Unit of Henan Higher Education in Campus Culture Construction and Social Practice, Model School of Entrepreneurship Education in Henan, Advanced Unit of Henan College Graduates Employment, Advanced Unit of Henan Yangguang College Entrance Examination Information Platform, Henan Standardized College Student Cafeteria and Apartments, Advanced Unit of Henan University Logistic Work, etc.

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