The Introduction for Foreign Affairs' Office
2015-06-08 04:06  

The Foreign Affairs' Office (F.A.O.) is located on the 1st Floor of the Foreign Experts Building. The F.A.O. staff includes Jessie, the Director of the Foreign Affairs Office, and Julie, the Secretary. The main task of F.A.O. is to serve as liaison between all Foreign Teachers and both the Public Security Bureau and Chenggong College.

F.A.O.’s main task is to recruit and hire teachers for the English Language Department. In this regard, they provide the necessary paperwork for foreigners interested in teaching at Chenggong to obtain their Z-visas prior to arriving in China. The Z-visa allows entry into China for the purpose of work employment and all Teachers are required to obtain it prior to entry.

After arrival in China, F.A.O. handles all documents needed to obtain the Foreign Experts Certificate and Residence Permit. The Foreign Experts Certificate is a form of I.D. needed by all Foreign Teachers in China. The Residence Permit officially recognizes Teachers as a resident of China for work purposes. The process of obtaining these two documents involves registering with the Public Security Bureau and undergoing a physical examination.

Other tasks of F.A.O. include financial matters such as facilitating airplane ticket reimbursement, establishing bank accounts for Foreign Teachers, and ensuring salary is deposited directly into Teachers’ accounts in a timely manner. F.A.O. also handles any matters regarding contracts, the rules and regulations of Chenggong and Teachers’ living conditions.

On a lighter note, F.A.O. enhances the experience of Foreign Teachers living at Chenggong College by organizing day-trips sponsored by Chenggong, planning parties in celebration of Western holidays and arranging formal dinners in Zhengzhou.

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