Chapter V

2015-12-14 11:41  

Article 34 An alien wishing to travel to cities or counties closed to aliens shall apply in advance for a travel permit to the public security bureau of the city or county where he/she stays and may proceed there only with permission. To apply for a travel permit, the following procedures must be completed:

   1) Submit passport or residence certificate for examination;
   2) Provide papers supporting the purposes of travel;
   3) Fill in a travel application form.

Article 35 An alien's travel permit shall be valid for one year at the most, and may not exceed the period of validity of his/her visa or residence certificate.

Article 36 An alien who, after obtaining a travel permit, wishes to extend its validity, tour more places closed to aliens or increase the number of accompanying persons shall apply to the public security bureau for extension or alteration.

Article 37 Aliens shall not enter places closed to aliens without permission.

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